Sasha Lintz

Bio I always dress in mood, love to make a variety of bows is my hobby, not afraid to make mistakes, and I love the diversity, both in style and in colors. Very happy that do not depend on the maniacal desire to dress in all the brand and the fashion, I smile cause people do not know how to follow the silhouette, color combination, but from head to toe dressed in HERMES, Chanel, LV, etc. Well, while I can gladly take my hat off to people artfully mix with expensive things quite easily accessible, whose images are present style, and not a blind desire to demonstrate their wealth. I am convinced that the charm and smile as the practice shows that already 80% success rate. When choosing clothes, I am motivated by my own taste and fashion trends. Really love minimalism in everything, and not overloaded with images welcome. I love accessories, but currently use them to a minimum, one or two items, no more.

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