Hi... I like experimenting with styles. I go for a more scene style but if i was to change my style i would go for an indie or hipster. I like to be unique mainly because of my character, and also to help our band stand out from everyone else #I guess <3 I'm the lead (lead singer and guitarist) for a band called Prototype34..we used to be called 3+1 but our manager didn't think it gave our band a professional look so we are now called Prototype 34 because it sounded sexy and I can't remember another reason :3. Inspirations for the band include OfMiceAndMen, Architects, YouMeAtSix, BringMeTheHorizon (Jack does screamo-he's secondary guitarist and optional backing..ect <3 ) and all time low (all time low inspires our music when we want to go for a younger teenage audience). <3 We're the type of band that messes around and trashes bass drums :S (Acer hates it when we mess around with his drum kits :P <3 )BTW our base guitarist is called Zach (sorry I didn't mention him =^.^= ) <3 For the record..Yes i do think that Jack Acer and Zach are fit...I swear everyone does..HA! xx <3 I love drawing, i basically draw anything: Flowers, Buildings, People, Graffiti, Tags, Anime, Cartoon..I tried to take up Photography, but my photos failed. <3 I write Music <£ I play the Guitar <3 I sing <3 I dance ballet and street <3 And I've changed my hair again (I do that a lot)... :) <3 I admire anyone who doesn't go with the crowd when it comes to fashion. <3 <3 ScarlettDinosaurScars

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