Ravi Namboori Santaclara


A diversely experienced information technology (IT) executive, Ravi Namboori has implemented and coordinated a number of product development, infrastructure, and strategy initiatives. In directorial positions for such Silicon Valley, California, companies as Glu Mobile and Harmonic Inc., he has developed and coordinated operational plans with overall company goals, while optimizing the efficiency of IT systems across multiple locations. Additionally, Ravi Namboori has guided software development from the beginning to the end of the process, from research to market introduction. He has also served as the lead architect on a diverse range of service programs, including infrastructure as a service, and has coordinated product offerings through a number of corporate reorganizations. Currently director of IT for EMC in Santa Clara, California, Ravi Namboori oversees the makeup and operations of several West Coast-based divisions. In this role, he has incubated and introduced a number of applications as well as reorganization of customer support and interoffice communications. Heading up the company's IT steering committee, he directs department strategy and is currently engaged in developing collaborative systems for use throughout the company. Ravi Namboori has a number of undergraduate degrees in business consulting, electronics, and communication, as well as extensive training in many computer programs.

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