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**"You know what your problem is? You date boys, not men. What you need is a man to throw you up against a wall and kiss you, whether you like it or not" - TheChefApparent, Sept. 2009. (I'd like to point out consent is required in the whole convo -he's hinting at a strong man-apparently) **"It's not that I love him any less than I ever have. It is that I can no longer pretend his carelessness is acceptable, and her maliciousness forgivable. He must have known by telling her what he did, it meant he was dead to me, and her too for spreading it. I'm happy to see them departed from my life permanently - they both got lucky with me. The trick now is to find a man worthy of whole heart, and a woman fit to be my best friend" Me, to Anon. **That's my friend Sara!! and she has THE SEXIEST LIPS EVER! better than Angelina Jolie.", Choi re: moi, March 17, 2009. **"Why do you have to be so sexy all the time?", Anon, March 2009. **"You should have seen me in my camo green TNA hoody and Lululemon pants and a beater, eating fresh prawns and drinking Dom. I'm so rock star, its absolutely painful." Me, Commenting on a NYE pic, Jan 2.09. **''Man hunt' implies that are worthy men by which I should be hunted, or should be hunting. I'm scared of boys. So I'm hiding from them." Me, To LVP, Dec. 10, 2008 **'You can't blame him for coming on to you, Sara. It's every older man's dream, you know. Women like you." "What am I, the 'Make A Wish Foundation'? It's not my problem' -- Nov. 2008. **"I think this is a chapter that needs to die, Sara." - Richard, to me, 24/11/08 *"The stupid thing is every time I see him, or hear his voice, I feel everything all over again-- and then for one, split moment, it's like that moment before we began, before IT began. And its fucking awesome. And then I remember everything after that. And then I am sad. For what could have been. And god, do I feel stupid." -- Me, to Anon. "I'd hit that shit. Hit that shit and SPLIT" -- Me, Drunk, to Richard re: the boy that is playing Prince Caspian. You had to be there, I guess. "Honestly if one more of my involved or newly broken up guy friends hits me up with a booty call request one more time, I'm going to f*** someone up" - Me, to Anon. "There is no such thing as a 'good boy'. The difference between a 'bad boy' and a 'good boy' is that good boys swear they don't know why they fucked up, and don't know any better. at least a player is honest about why he will hurt you. this one hit me deep, and I don't think I'll ever be the same"-- Me, Spring/Summer 2007 "If Dallas says 'teddy bear trip', I'll have to kill him"-Me *"I want to fuck her til I'm old and grey" - TRRB *"Tell your momma your waiting for [insert his name here] to come home, then we can get married, and have some babies, ma." - TRRB *"I AM THE FUCKING BENCHMARK. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE" - ME *"I like to think I am going to be some boy's character building experience." - Anna, Something Positive, 09/05/2002

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