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Heey I'm Beatriz, yeah BeatriZ not BeatriCE, Beatriz is a "italian version" of Beatrice ha :) so, I'm 14, I like a lot of direferent styles of music (Pop, Grunge, K-pop, Indie...) , My favorite books are HUsh Hush saga, Walking desaster, Fault in our stars, and trylle saga (Ok, I like to read a loooot, so I really would like to put more books in the list, I could write all day about them in here), my favorite movies are buterfly efect, Pitch perfect and The Lovely Bones, I don't wacth a lot of movies but these are just amazing :) I love to photograph,to Draw, to write (musics, texts and stories), to play volleyball and fashion, and if you like my style click in follow, If you don't click in follow too XX Bea

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