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About ---------- Modekampanj is a free service that lets you store your clothes in your favorite shopping list. All clothing collected online in one place. Visit our Fashion forum forum.modekampanj.com (Swedish) or forum.modekampanj.eu and get inspired from like-minded. Mission To deliver a good website for individuals where they can find good and affordable clothes and a fashion forum where everyone has the right to say what they think Company Overview Modekampanj.com is a Swedish website and modekampanj.eu is for United Kingdom. Fashion Forum link is forum.modekampanj.com (Swedish) or forum.modekampanj.eu Description We have collected lots of clothes from famous brands on one website to facilitate your search for your new fashion! We have everything from cheap to exclusive clothing from famous brands. Discuss your fashion with like-minded people in the fashion community. This is your complete solution for online fashion in one place.

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