The MIPACHA company was founded in Cuzco, the heart of Peru. We provide original high-quality handmade footwear for any occasion. MIPACHA is inspired by the beautiful country of Peru. It’s jaw dropping landscapes and vibrant culture are reflected in the colorful designs of the local textiles the Peruvians are so passionate about. MIPACHA wants to share these beautiful designs with the world and uses them to make the one of a kind MIPACHA shoes. Each pair tells a story through the colors and symbolic motifs. MIPACHA began with its factory in Cuzco. We provided local entrepreneurs with interest-free micro credit loans, expertise and ‘hands on’ support. An environment was created where skilled shoe Maestro’s can work to their full extent and apprentices learn the trade. The shoes are a handmade quality product that fits perfectly in the modern fashion trends. Our aim is to combine European quality and comfort with the beauty of the South American textiles. The name MIPACHA (Quechua for my world) and our logo, are inspired by the ancient Inca belief that Cuzco is the center of the world. MIPACHA invites you to be part of this world, this Peruvian travel experience, and make it your own. OUR PROMISE The MIPACHA company is founded on the principles of fair trade, authenticity and the creation of better opportunities for the people of Peru. In our products we integrate economic, social en sustainability values. The MIPACHA shoes are made with South American textiles. They are handmade in Peru by passionate and skilled South Americans. Our employees work in western standard conditions and ten percent of our profit is used to fund projects beneficial to our employees, their children and communities.

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