Ummm...Okay. Hello! My Name is Julia! I'm very stubborn. You can ask anyone, and they will tell you that I am as stubborn as a rock. I'm an artist at heart. I love drawing on anything! Even if it has to be turned in! :DD I love animals! ♥ Well most that is. Big dogs scare the crap out of me. I'm always afraid one will bite me and won't let go! My favorite animal is either a jaguar or a panda. :) My favorite colors depend on my mood I guess. Usually it's either lime green, dark purple, light gray, dark blue, etc. I am a completely horror freak! I love scary movies, even though I have nightmares. I love scaring myself! ♥ It's kinda messed up, but eh. Oh well. :) Like I said, Imma stubborn one.

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