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Marmi Shoes has been a well-known name in specialty footwear for more than 25 years. Now, there are more than 20 Marmi retail boutiques in the United States. They also sell shoes over the internet and through catalog orders. Marmi is owned by Wolff Shoe. Wolff has been a family-owned business since it originated in 1918. Marmi believes that you shouldn’t sacrifice fashion, even if you have hard to fit feet. If you need an unusual size, shoe shopping can be frustrating. Most retailers only carry a few styles in these sizes. If you can find a shoe in your size, it’s rarely the look you want. Forget finding the perfect shoe for your s pecial event, or buying a fashionable running shoe. With Marmi Shoes, this frustration is a thing of the past. Marmi carries your size, no matter what size that may be. They have a variety of shoes in your size, even if you are a tiny size four or a women’s size twelve. And their selection doesn’t just include unusual sizes. There is also a wide range of widths in stock. This is particularly helpful for people who find themselves opting for a shoe that doesn’t fit because they need the extra width. The widths carried include super slim, slim, narrow, medium and wide. It’s not just everyday shoes, either. Marmi offers shoes for almost any occasion. This includes casual shoes, evening wear, sandals, boots, and even golf shoes and cleats. Marmi is most known for their wide selection, but they also set themselves apart in other areas. They hold their shoes to a high standard, and pay a lot of attention to quality. At all points in the production of their shoes, Marmi depands perfection. This includes using only the finest leather, fabric and other materials. They also hold their customer service representatives to a high standard. Every store employee has been selected for their personality. They have then gone through extensive training in shoe fitting, fashion consulting and customer service. This helps to make shopping at Marmi Shoes a great experience for everyone.

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