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My name is ManBabe. I've been an artist for over 40 years. My current passion is Erotic Art. I create “Sinful Soles for Adult Pleasure”. I'm in love with “50 Shades of Gray”. The sexual allure of shoes, Fetish costumes, BDSM and sex toys has consumed me. I'm passionately obsessed with creating erotic art combining Stiletto shoes and boots with Dildos. I made my first pair of Dilettos (Dildo Stilettos) in 2009 for the Nada Dada art show. ( I'm wearing my new "50 Shades of Gray" Black Dilettos with 12 inch Dildo Heels for bedroom sex play. You can not walk in these shoes! You either have to crawl on your hands and knees as a Submissive Sex Slave or sit on your thrown as a Sexy Dominatrix Master Let me say that I thoroughly enjoy wearing my Dilettos (Dildo Stilettos) every chance I get. People can't help but notice me at parties or other events that I go to. I definitely stand out in a crowd! People stop me, ask about my shoes, tell me how much they love them and then want to have their picture taken with me! If you want to be the center of attention and be noticed where every you go, then Dilettos (Dildo Stilettos) are the right fit for you! Woman's shoes are the ultimate objects of desire. What seductive passionate shoe lover (and what woman isn't) wouldn't want a pair of my Dilettos (Dildo Stilettos)? Our Dilettos (Dildo Stilettos) are a must-have for anyone who has ever experienced the intoxicating desire for a beautiful pair of shoes. I have a little secret: This goes for men as well. I started exploring the world of BDSM, Fetish costumes, sex toys and shoes after my Nada Dada art show. I was totally mesmerized and enthralled by this world. The more I explored this Erotic Exotic Fetish World, the deeper down the Rabbit Hole I went. Feet, Shoes and Sex have been deeply rooted in the Human Psyche for thousands of years in every culture. Foot Fetishism has strong Physiological connections between the feet and the genitals. It turns out that the feet and the genitals occupy adjacent areas of the somatosensory cortex in the brain. Last year I started working on launching Dilettos, LLC ( to make BDSM Fetish Dilettos (Dildo Stilettos). It's taken us until now to finally get product on the shelf. In addition we also create custom fit shoes and boots in any color, style or material with a variety of dildo heels. We think you will love my Dilettos shoe product line. We have many more models and styles of shoes coming soon, including bedroom versions with electrodes for Electrical Stim Play. Please visit our websites: Thanks, ManBabe 415-857-1953

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