I love fashion, I have my own 'style' I guess & an atrocious shopping habit! I have a real issue with people dressing the same, when you see a group of friends who are just so 'matched' it slightly annoys me as I guess our style should be & say something about us. Small things keep me happy; iced coffee & sugar free syrups, flip flops, flatforms, tattoos, piercings, tousled/beach hair, mishmash multiple bits of jewellery on arms/ankles anywhere, HUGE sunnies, pouty lips, my vintage typewriter & sewing machine, proper snail mail, brown paper, polaroids, sepia tones, instagram (tragic but true!), sewing, knitting, creating, sketching, photography, reading, daisy chains & dandelion clocks, bare feet & sun kissed skin . . . so much more.

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