Alyssa Flowers


Im 18 years of age, love fashion, live in Tronto Canada, love singing,dancing, writing my own songs, Drama, life, Justin bieber and Selena Gomez's music and anything else i can think of. My family isn't well off but we are a tight-knit family and get along pretty well. I like to give a big thanks to Selena Gomez for opening my eyes to the world of fashion and Justin Bieber who help me through some pretty hard times. Note:I do not i repeat DO NOT know Selena and Justin personally but their spirit and smiling facing and inspirational words have helped me. My Pop passed away on the 27 of July 2011 at 9:26PM and i'm still upset about it. My mom is a stay-at-home mom, my dad workd and my sister and I go to the same school. I prefer reading fashon mags that lame old ordianary school textbooks. Whenever i'm not out with friends or at school I'd be at the mall in Forever21 or on the online store of Forever21 ( loooking for that latest fashion to add to my Avenue7 page (

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