Justyna Marie


A journey of the heart. Elegant yet raw. Just love. Just give. Let yourself feel. Love, cry, laugh. Surround yourself with what you love. Grow, change, explore who you are. Go where you want to go. Change your clothes and change your mood. Collecting bits from around the world. In the mood for something fun. A realness, a rawness that shows the soul and just makes it a lil easier. Dress yourselves in heart desires. There's inspiration in everything. The lure of the untold. Freedom to change the way you feel. Unintended sensuality. Just following a sense of themselves. The dream of the unknown. Feeling beautiful. Accidently chic. Forget about seeking perfection. And I wish, most of all, to do all that makes me feel alive and joyous deep down inside, the rest - the money, the expectations, the scorn of society - be damned. If settling in amongst the social norms, and climbing cooperate ladders, and clocking-in and clocking-out, if whatever it is you do, isn't what makes your veins ripple in trembling happiness, then cast it far away, into the deep of the galaxies. Don't let change intimate you, summon it up from within you, evolve, become it, for if you can change yourself, you can change the world. Never let the fall keep you from going forth. We will all fall, embrace the fall, don’t be afraid to bleed. Stand, with your skinned knees, and flick the dirt free with your fingertips. Pick the pieces up of these mistakes, of this mess, mend your worries, and your weary heart. You can always open a new page, a page that is pure color and possibility, a page that has yet to be penned. Banish the thought that it is too late, even when, even though, time has slipped away. Go on, dear friend. You can always begin again.

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