LoLaDB – the brand “Cultivate the courage to rebel!” The essence of femininity, a sensation, enveloping you in a maternal hug. A clear-sighted woman, conscious of her skills, a protective and brave fighter. The bag that makes the everyday special. The bag that is part of your body. The bag for war and for peace. LoLaDB is a creation of Laura De Barbieri, a cosmopolitan Milanese designer and historician. The essence of her collection will always be elegance with pure, clean lines resulting in bags that or both practical and tactile. The bag needs a woman as co-creator to find its final shape. LolaDB designs are timeless objects, like sculptures created to embrace women. The collection is characterized by the exquisite elegance of the designs, the ultimate craftsmanship of the finished pieces and the supreme quality of the leathers and fabrics. Made with Italian passion in European Union. LoLaDB is not only a brand of bags. It’s a life project. The brand has its origins in a woman’s courage to rebel, break the silence, and get away from injury and resignation. The violence has a thousand faces. Learn how to recognize it. A ‘No’ to violence is a ‘Yes’ to life. LoLaDB supports the cause ‘End Violence against Women’, including psychological violence, and it denounces barbarism, ignorance, incivility, and silence. LoLaDB – the spirit “A woman, a bench, and the world in her bag” ’you said you had a crying bench and it was by a bridge and the bridge was over a river and you sat on the crying bench every night and wept for the lovers who had hurt and forgotten you.’ — Charles Bukowski, An Almost Made Up Poem Maybe one day you too will be sitting alone on this city bench so close to the maternal river in late September, with no more tears, planning your escape. To escape, to fly away from fear. People will come and go, not paying attention to you. The knight on the severe Gothic monument will not be able to provide help. You have to fall down, if you want to bounce back. Your bag, open on this bench, will contain the main part of your world: your ID, your phone, and a bunch of papers filled with all your recent annotations, folded and refolded to save space. A bag with a world which is not supposed to exist but has to exist in order to save you. A witness to your survival instinct. After your new start, you may also begin to create those typical little woman’s worlds, which are called ‘bags’, and to help other women in need. LoLaDB – the Soul LoLaDB interprets the bag around the theme of lightness. With their sensitive and strong, ancestral and wild, mostly female spirit, LoLaDB bags are an interpretation of lightness in artistic and techno-industrial language. LoLaDB creates soft, elegant sculptures. Its aerial compositions are clean, refined, with aristocratic nonchalance, tactile taste. They suggest languorous and, at the same time, wild femininity, a second skin. Ancestral patterns find contemporary flavour. They express a personality that is both rigorous and charismatically open. An artistic and creative vein that draws on sources in nature, as an immense panorama of shapes and structures, and in art, as multifaceted interpretations of the visible. Stripped of everything facile and banal, animated by introspection and simplicity, the fragile becomes a force capable of producing an emotion to convey its soul.

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