I am a fashion connossuier....I love all things fashion. I have loved fashion since the age of 11, where I started drawing clothes. My mother supported (humored) me and made the clothing I designed for myself during highschool. Following highschool, I went on to get my degree in fashion business. I now have my own business which focuses on fashion in different areas. I produce fashion shows, design my own clothes and event plan. My fashion sense is very ecclectic. My style changes with the day....It's all based on how I feel that particular day. I can go from very feminine and sexy one day to very casual and comfortable the next. I like trends, but that does not necessarily dictate my style. I love designers because I am one, but I am not strictly a label person, never have been. I shop what's cute, made well and affordable. I have the occassional splurge here and there. My pet peeve is to see myself coming and going so I strive to be different. My guilty pleasure is vintage looks. I absolutely love all things 30's, 40's, & 50's. Especially clothing and accessories from those times.

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