Hi beautiful ones! My name is Lena, I'm 15 years old. It's a pretty good age, though I can't wait until I turn 16! (but that probably has more to do with the iPhone I'm getting from my awesome mom) I live in a town called Frederiksberg, which is located in the middle of the Danish capital, Copenhagen. Those two cities are the best places in the entire world! After that comes Paris. I love Paris! I've been there three times and each and every time, I fall head over heels with the romantic town. That's probably because I, myself, am such a romantic. And that reflects in everything I do. From the hopeless romantic songs on my iPod to my dusty pink walls. My life is a romantic picture of the world. I rainy day is not just a rainy day. It's a rainy November-day, where you can sit and read paperback-novels by Jane Austen. My romantic, poetic view of the world often crashes with my logic and my love for politics (I'm a democrat). But I'm a romantic - that's the only thing I can promise you I will be until the day I die. Love Lena

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