Kylie Clark


When she was young, Kylie knew in her heart that someday she would, somehow, be in the fashion industry. She has always wanted to be a fashion designer and own an apparel company. She was always in her bedroom, making sketches and designs. She can also make a dress in her head, which was often her daydream. Kylie is a picky dresser, she doesn't wear garments that make her uncomfortable and does not meet her standards. She believes that what we wear reflects much of who we are, or what we wear is what we want others to see us. Now Kylie, 23, is making her own name in the fashion world, that is online and in magazines. Her talent for sighting a good garment were even put to good use when she opened a website that offers uniforms for any professionals. When she saw the potential of the company, she tried her luck in being the internet marketer of the company since she is already a good blogger and has lots of knowledge with social media. Central Uniforms offers a wide array of apparels. Some of them are comfort shoes, lab coats and chef uniforms. All that was needed is for her to study some SEO strategies. Her main goal is to get the website to be on the top 10 of major search engines when people search for the keywords related to the website.

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