I am a Dreamer, a Searcher, a Shopper, a Lover, a Magic-Chocolate-Buyer. I Love Smokey Eyes and Nude Lips. I Love Coats, Blazers, Chiffon Lace Dress, Hidden Platform Shoes and Floppy, Slouchy, Smooshy Bags. I Love Fashion, Food and MacBook. I Love Surfing The Internet, Dreaming, Shopping, Packing and Traveling The World. I Know What I Like, I Really Try to Find Pieces That Have a Timeless Style. I m not Afraid to Push The Envelope, But I Like to Do it in a Classy Way. Wearing Gorgeous Clothes and Doing Things You Like is a Good Start. My Favorite--or Default--Color is Black. I also Love Ivory, Dark Blue Sapphire, Gold, Dark Chocolate, Raspberry, Taupe, Lime, Champagne and Nude Pink. XOXO

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