I'm Kimberley but for the purposes of blogging I'm Kimmiberry. I'm a 19 year old fashion blogger based outside Brisbane in the lovely sunny land of Australia. When I was 14 I bought my first ever copy of Vogue magazine and I think I can pinpoint that as one of the most defining moments of my childhood because from then on it was fashion, fashion, fashion. I spend a great deal of time travelling around seeking out the most unique, lovely, and exciting clothing, accessories, shoes, cosmetics, decor, and well everything else that I can get my hands on. I wouldn't say I have one set style, I dress to compliment my mood. This blog is a place where I can showcase my little finds to the world and hopefully offer some insight into different trends, brands, stores, and stylings as well as some how to's and tutorials along the way. I'd love to hear some of your fashion finds and tips so please don't hesitate to give me advice or opinions on my blog. Thanks for stopping by! Contact me: (yes it's only one 'm' unlike my blog, that's not a typo!)

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