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Well, to start with, i'm a very simple girl yet very extraordinary in my own ways. Lemme explain.: I'm quite a candid person n i hate those toffee-nosed people. A wonderful frnd to frnz n nothing less than a virago to enemies (strong believer of tit-for-tat business). My frnz say that i have a wonderful sense of humour. I just love playing pranks on people n also have a strong liking for cracking jokes. I like being around people who have a unique gift of humour. I think it's a boon. I always want to see my dudes going tee-hee over things. I love cheerful people n m cheerful myself too. I like intelligent n well spoken people around me. I'm ambitious, and unashamedly so. Sexy, without being in-your-face. And always determined to stay on with my plans. I'm carefully casual, discreetly chic but not very poised. I love letting myself be and live by my own terms... I'm not some1 who can sit n have a lot of intellectual talk with any1. Some people think i stay absent minded most of the time n i wont deny this coz i love being on my own most of the times.. Anyway, another thing I love is to cherish my salad days. I also dont talk much. But then I can really pour my heart out infront of my super loved Best Friends and people who somehow manage to make a special place in my heart. OK, I'm also a very touchy, sensible person. But again I hate those two kinda liquids the most namely 'BLOOD' n 'TEAR'. I also hate backbitters n regard them as SUCKERS! Moving on next, I'm a totally selfless person n get pleasure in helping the needy. The worst part of me is that I raise hell when things dont turn out my way (TOTALLY SHORT-TEMPERED and EXCESSIVELY IMPATIENT). I cant help being lazy too for which my frnd Neena calls me a 'lousy rat'. My frnz n hostel mates call me a dare-devil, which I off course love being called for the soul reason being I do what I say I'll do and no1 can make me do something that I say I won't. I never do things half-heartedly n always keep my promises wateva the circumstances be. I'm also a perfectionist. My works r always organized n r done with perfect care.. I hate things outta there place. I am a huge shopaholic n I love fashion. I love experimenting with dresses n accessories. When the world watches TV serials and Reality Shows, I prefer watching Fashion TV, MTV Style Check, House of Style etc. It's so cool. Born from a kinda reserved family, I don't always get the chance to do much experimentation with my clothes while at home. But who cares. I love going outta my way and doing things that surprise people.. I'M SOME1 WHO IS VERY FAITHFUL. I believe in loyalty n companionship that should last long enough. N thats the kinda person i m..

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