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Follow me and I'll follow you back ;) But here's some stuff about me: Favorite colour: ALL OF THEM Favorite food: spaghetti and pancakes! (but not together, yuk!) Favorite actress: Audrey Hepburn, she was such a lovely person... Favorite actor: Leonardo Dicaprio, for obvious reasons ;) Favorite animal: Cats n' bats! Favorite music: OLD ROCK! it's my life... I wish I could go back to the 60's and marry David Gilmour... Favorite quote: "Dreams don't work unless you do!" Favorite authors: Edgar Allan Poe & H.P Lovecraft Hobbies: playing guitar, listening to music, writing, reading, shopping (duh) and being on this site :) Favorite movie: Sabrina, I could watch it a hundred times... And maybe I have already :o Bad habit: cursing... My parents couldn't stop me at home, so they gave up and let me. Favorite TV-series: I'm bad at watching series... I did like the half of Mad Men that I saw :p Dream: being in a famous rock band (that'll NEVER EVER happen :p ) Socially: awkward :/ I don't make friends easily... It takes three months or so to act normal to people but I'm really loud with the ones that get there :D I guess i'm pretty funny then too. But if you don't get there I'll seem like the most boring, dry loser in the world. So that's how most know me :p

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