Iya Sanders


Iya is a health buff, an athlete and a fashionista rolled into one. She studied med for a year but have to quit so as to pursue her career in sports. She is into tennis and had competed to different leagues including the big sports events like Olympics. Talking about med school, she is keen on following her mom’s footsteps who is a surgeon but soon realized that her heart lies on sports. She was supported by her family in going for tennis and going for her goal. She had no regrets in doing so for she is happy with her life now. An added benefit of being an athlete (aside from the fact that it makes you popular if you are a good one) is it keeps your body trimmed and healthy. She is very particular with her physical attributes and her looks. Sports, while keeping your body toned, also keeps you sexy which enable her to wear any outfit she wants without having to hide some fats or other flaws in her body. Even in a competition or just in a sports training, Iya never forget to look good through choosing the right active wear. One of the best she took tips about being fab in a sports wear is http://www.allmyhealth.net/drab-to-fab-tips-in-choosing-the-right-active-wear/.

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