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My name is Brett Siegel and I am 23 years old. I am fortunate to have lived a very adventurous life thus far and have no plans of stopping. I credit the wild side in me to a quote I've heard my father say all to much, "swing the bat." Recently, I endeavored on a journey from Boca Raton, Florida (South Florida) to Chesapeake, Virginia with nothing more than a bicycle and the mindset that failure wasn't an option. A 930 mile trek where cyclist training and proper planning were ignored but against the odds I was able to prevail with a positive mindset. The journey took me 12.5 days but the experience will live with me for a lifetime. This experience taught me that if you want something, go get it, plain and simple. I was introduced to Etsy through a close friend and became intrigued by the creativity and common marketplace where people created business through things they loved. In a world where there are more avenues to speak out to people and be heard than ever before, I feel that through Etsy this can be achieved in a creative way. I work alongside and help with my buddy and roommate Joel's store, which you can find here:

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