Heyy :D My name is Camilla. Im half spanish, half norwegian:) My fashion style is a bit difficult to describe, but here are some very into;) Things I love<3 Black: How can I not like black!. First of all you can use it to all colours , aand you have probably heard "Black make you look thinner/smaller" Stripes: I love stripes! Thin stripes, thick stripes, long stripes & short stripes. I like the sailor look, wich has the colour red, blue ,white & very often stripes<3 Red: The colour of love<3 I think red is a strong & beautiful colour. Dresses: Dresses have always been & will be my big obsession! A long comfy dress on a summer evening, a princess dress for the prom or the little black one, wich always is good to have in the closet. I love dresses, and even tho I already have to much of them, I still want more! <3 These are the things that will be hard to find on my list;) Yellow: It's not because Im hating on the sun;) Yellow just doesn't suit me, Im to pale:-( But i think it's a beautiful colour to those who have darker pigment:) Sculls: Im not a very big fan of sculls, so if your looking for some, my profil isn't the right place;)

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