I love to talk about boys I'm teenage I love to Dance age:I am 15 yr old Grade:Freshman Love: selena gomez,Ashley benson,and Lots more I Love skateBoarding I Love Making Ppl Smile and I like Helping ppl out I have 3 Sisters Shelby 21,Kailey 15,Breezy 13 and 1 Bothers Marty 26 I live with my mom and step dad My pet is a unicorn its name is Buddy and him and his wife had a baby girl and I name her Candy I LOVE DR.PEPPER and Ice tea Bron in san angelo texas good songs I love and not a big fan of 1d but I do like then █Put ███ This ████ On █████ Your ██████ Page If ███████ You ████████ Have ██████████ Ever ███████████ Fell going █████████████ Up The stairs ¯`v ´¯) `·.¸.·´ Put this on your page if you are in love with Andy Biersack

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