Hebe Rome


In Greek mythology, Hebe was the goddess of youth and elegance. Now, Hebe is a synonym for effortless refinement and sensual femininity that evokes harmony between style and functionality. The Roman brand, launched in 2011, aims to renew the tradition of the Made in Italy label through a process of constant evolution and revolution . A feverish obsession for quality is one of the many discerning characteristics of Hebe: prestigious materials and excellent workmanship are incessantly sought after in all the best regions and districts of Italy. The combination of modern inspirations and a constant respect for tradition allows for Hebe to explore a different side of Italian tailoring: one that understands the modern woman in all her femininity without forgoing an aesthetic dimension to daily routine. The team behind Hebe consists of Federica,Gea, and Laura. Each girl brings a different approach to thinking, creating and experimenting. Their strengths lie in their differences and in their capacity to adapt and innovate in order to explore their passion to immeasurable depths.

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