Heba Al-Attas


I'm mysterious and I laugh in the face of Danger I usually don't gO with the crowd unless I'm leadin it I am Laid- backin at times of Risk... yet I'm willing to risk it all for love. I'm a rebel at heart and very hOt Bestfriends share lipsticks ,troubles ,candy,bad times and good times AND Bestfriends do the stupidest things together AND Bestfriends go SHOPPING right after a FIGHT Too Young to care, Too fast to catch Which part of 'Get A Life' do you not understand? I'm not a rules kinda gal Being a roit and unstable is all part of my life Believe in love love love Hand over the candy and nobody gets hurt I'm the one your MAMA warned about Too cool for school I am not being bitchy, I just state my opinions with unmitigated confidence Sure, I'll listen to logics and reasons when it comes out on CD Love like you've never been hurt before This isn't just a phrase, damn you Frankly my dear, I don't give it a damn Its a fact that I'm kinda a big deal I am who i am & if you don't like it then i didn't ask you To like me in the first place

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