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Heather Offord’s original art clutches are the most authentic marriage of art and fashion in modern day. After several years as an internationally renowned artist, Heather Offord turned her attention to fashion. For Heather, the clutch was the perfect medium to highlight her art. As Heather notes “the metallic frame of a clutches presents the ideal frame for a piece of art.” However, scaling from a 2 foot by 6 foot canvas to a 3 inch by 8.5 inch clutch face is no easy task. Somehow, Heather manages to capture as much detail in her clutch faces as she does in her much larger works. “I had to rethink my creative process, build new tools, and scale everything down” said Offord; “it might seem odd, but you actually need more detail in a smaller piece than you do in larger ones, because viewers take such a critical eye to each color and each brush stroke.” The works, however, do not disappoint. Whether the ultra-exclusive, hand-painted clutch faces starting at $5,000 or fine art prints at just $1289, the detail and vibrance are astounding. Heather has even revitalized works painted over five centuries ago, taking elements from 16th and 17th century paintings and recombining them into new, original pieces. “With a little manipulation, some of the finest classical, renaissance art can be transformed into the most beautiful, modern, abstract compositions. Working with these pieces has given me a whole new respect for classical art.” Staring into the clutch faces, one can hardly believe their origins lay in antiquity. Fusing the worlds of art and fashion are far from Heather’s only priorities. “The goal is to help people and other artists.” In coming versions of her clutch design, Heather hopes to feature numerous other artists, bringing an entire museum’s worth of genres into the palm of the hand. “It helps artists and brings more art into the world, everyone wins” says Heather. If this were not enough reason to buy, a percentage of the proceeds from certain featured clutches goes to various charities. Whether to support the arts, charity, or to be on the cutting edge of fashion, Heather Offord’s original art clutches are quickly gaining notoriety among the nation’s fashionistas BIO From humble beginnings, Heather Offord’s rise to international popularity has been astounding. It’s hard to believe just six years ago, Heather was sitting in her living room painting abstract art on bed sheets she hand-stretched over wooden frames. Now, thousands of sales later, Heather has mastered her craft, winning awards for her painting as well as sculpting. Yet as an acclaimed artist were not enough for Heather. Turning her eyes to fashion, she saw a place for her art in accessories. Now, this young entrepreneur has her own line of high-end earrings, necklaces, cuffs, and clutches, all featuring original, abstract art. A true hidden gem of Chicago, those who know her closely follow and anxiously await every new release. A seemingly endless font of creativity, fans and patrons are usually not left waiting long

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