Recently launched as a luxury online boutique, Miami Bikini Shop is set to become a leading luxury swimwear retailer. The Miami Bikini Shop brand was created for those who enjoy the carefree resort lifestyle. Miami Bikini Shop offers a hand-picked collection of luxury designer apparel and accessories that make you glamorous and sensual. Native Australian Emma Heffernan is an accomplished entrepreneur and artist who has lived and worked in Europe, Asia, the Pacific and the USA for many years. Emma has developed a unique sense of what swimwear is and how it fits in the modern wardrobe. "Everything we do is about glamor." The Bikini rose to popularity as a glamor item, in 1962, the bronzed body of Ursula Andress rose from a turquoise ocean a still wet white belted bikini and a fashion icon was created, the Bikini. At the time it was a revolution for women in film, no longer the pretty starlet the female lead was a physically fit outdoors woman full of confidence, the moment was so powerful that as an homage, Halle Berry performed a similar scene in an orange bikini in the 20th James Bond film, Die Another Day. Mariah Carey also refers to this scene in the music video for her song "Honey." For over 50 years we have all sought to capture the essence of that moment in our swimwear.

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