Hello! My name is Peyton, and I have severe obsession with fashion. I'm 14 years old. That might be young but fashion is like the best way to do whatever you want. When I was younger, I didn't even think about it, but when I turned 13, all the beauty came to me. My style started off pretty typical, Abercombie and Hollister. Then I decided I wanted to have more fun with my clothing. So, I started shopping at Forever21(the ultimate fashion store for beginners). I do still love those stores, I just don't shop there as much now. I seem to have a HUGE obsession with classic Chanel bags. They totally tie my style together. Glamor(hence the name) and elegance/classics. My style icon is Kim Kardashian. Everything about her style, I love. But my life isn't only about fashion. I work insanely hard at school and helping ANYONE who needs it, either physically or emotionally. I adore all animals, every since I was young my mom called me nature girl. When I get older no doubt am I going to work in the fashion industry. If you have any questions please ask me. -Peyton, xoxo

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