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Optimism is a perfect way to counter-react negativity. Georgina Mayer is an Internet marketer for Blink Reaction. She is a fun-loving woman who does not welcome negativity to overpower her daily life. Georgie to her friends, she is a goal driven individual to knows how to take risks in order to achieve her goal. She has an eye for detail and works her best to achieve results expected of her. Georgie is a graduate of Advertising with a minor in Public Relations. Though she loves working with people, her interest in social media and web marketing had been so strong that she decided to find a career that will allow her to work with a job she likes most. She also love to develop wesite using Drupal and customize Drupal Themes. Blink Reaction is an online enterprise that provides website owners helpful solutions using drupal web development. Drupal as a content management system is flexible and offers great features of online pages, and using this as a tool, Blink Reaction helped myriad of online businesses acquire compelling visibility in the online world. The company offers professional web design and development services tailored for every client's needs. Georgie is glad to be part of a team that helped thousands of online users find great webpages with amazing website functionality.

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