Gaby Blam


WASTE TO GLAMOUR this is my challenging motto as an Accessories Designer, focusing on sustainability and eco-friendly materials. I enjoy this self imposed challenge of transforming the inconspicuous into designs with a luxurious look. Within the "Residues to Glamour" Collection I use scrap wood, waste leather, natural findings such as bark, and vintage silk. Combined with meticulous handcrafting, specific preparations and 23 carat gold leaf embellishments those waste materials turn into glamorous accessories. Part of this can be viewed on For the Clutch Bags and Iphone sleeves I buy my leathers from eco-conscious and fair trade suppliers. Now it is not enough for me to simply design and build a bag, but being a painter by profession as well, I have to paint and draw on whichever surface available and this irresistable urge is where the ornamental gold leaf decors on hand bags and phone sleeves have their origin.

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