13 years old Poland I like: travels by trains, old photos, weird old stuff, cats, encyclopedies, old barbies, Sweden, striped things, travels, pines, white vintage furniture, orange and oranges, old sweaters, grey t-shirts, Amy Winehouse, colourful pasta, warm rain, Astrid Lindgren, the Moomins , flowers,cute pajama pants, old diaries,wreaths of flowers, bridges, songs about love, aztec designs,weddings in movies, sitcoms, confusing stories, order, the rays of the sun, browse infinite number of pictures on tumblr, books that other people consider it boring, explosions, english curse, studs, Vans, have something unique, be original, the word "die", action movies, do mine, that make me look terrible, platinum blonde hair, earrings, maroon color, caps, do not eat, people who have a style, get something for free, blood, pretend not to see that someone is looking at me, chocolate chip cookies, the black hats, skull, mysterious figures in mysterious places, baked apples with cinnamon made by my mom, desserts for infants, incense, sound of the piano, curly hair, lanterns, letters, sometimes feel something more, tea, shopping, get many comments, come up with something incredible, which makes sense only to me, Forbidden Forest, the long coversation, milk, my mouth, red lipstick, money, beautiful buildings, spikes, my photos from my childhood, deer with roses on antler, dresses ,hang my clothes in the closet, get something from the postman, open the window, Coco Chanel, owls, my bed sheets, plan, take pictures, long legs, my earrings in right ear, all written, to be alone, my room, travel, be somewhere else, to write, my blog, shoes, lie, posters, antiquities, Disney, Lemony Snicket, unhappy and happy endings, origami, clocks, candles, interesting things to cut from newspapers, books, postcards, my dogs, meet new people, second hand, long hair, movies with lots of dancing and singing, handsome boys, children, long hair, sweatshirts, stars, sausages, beauty, leaves, laptop, do not feel alone, do not know how will end the film, invent fictional scenarios, imagine, like, long plaid shirts, the word "skinny" , long black coat, dark eyebrows and blonde hair, my eyes, a cup with dots, white color, a strange books , sit on the window sill, good movies, small children, yoghurt with chocolate crisps, lie in bed with tea and a laptop at the time of disease, all store, to have someone to talk to, hipster bands, burgundy , tasty sandwiches, to walk in long T-shirts around the house, flowers, castles, collect memories, a little pricey, black boots, ballet, Disney princesses, pink and blue eyebrows Audrey Hepburn, little hearts, balloons, dark colors, long, red hair, earrings in strange places, places of JK Rowling’s books , pizzas, Converse, girls with character, skype, libraries, bookstores, shopping, view my wardrobe, long showers, guns, roses, secrets, Inception, movies that are not predictable, the ticking of the clock, big, secret gardens,

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