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" Today shud be better than yesterday, tomorrow WILL be better than today." -miyavi ______________________________ Tomo: Human bodies are lighter than water, so we should be able to float even if we don't do anything. Osaka: Really? But if that's true, no one would die from drowning. Tomo: Their bodies always float to the top. Osaka: I see. I should be a corpse! ______________________________ Kaylexandria : i fucking sparkle right now Net Diver Motoko : GET OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT YOU FAG ______________________________ oohatsuuoo (1:49:57 AM): I have like oohatsuuoo (1:50:02 AM): One pair of expensive heels oohatsuuoo (1:50:32 AM): And they were worth it because they're the kind of heels God would wear if he was home alone and Jesus couldn't walk in on him ______________________________ VoltzXXX (7:57:12 AM): It's almost your b-day! Net Diver Motoko (7:57:24 AM): yosh! VoltzXXX (7:57:28 AM): When you wake up tomorrow you'll get attacked by bunnies Net Diver Motoko (7:58:03 AM): O__________O ______________________________ Kaylexandria: but yeah there's a few here that have that "edward" effect on me Net Diver Motoko: lol Kaylexandria: wait but in the opposite Net Diver Motoko: hahahahahahahaha Net Diver Motoko: SUUURE Net Diver Motoko: don't worry, Japan has a rich history of homo lovin'. Net Diver Motoko: and vampires for that matter. Net Diver Motoko: look at gackt. ______________________________ so fucking DRUNK DRUnk PURPLE RAIIIINNN! adjustxreality: hahahahahaha awesome ______________________________

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