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Emerald Breeze is a new company created by a young summer-loving dreamer. We’d like to think Emerald Breeze as a time machine that can take you to a “rockaway” beach, back in the 60’s and 70’s, when The Beach Boys were still the hottest band in California. Can you picture it? A wavy coast, full of sunshine and palm trees, tanned girls walking around while surfer dudes arrive with their old bugs and their surfboards on top. An online boutique, created for water-loving children, who really dig the styles they wear. Free spirits who want to wax their boards and just go surfing as soon as they spot the perfect swell created by the off shore Summer Breeze whether it be on the Californian, Australian or Greek coast. It is ideal for music-loving girls and boys who want to show off a little bit of their personality in their everyday wardrobe. All the clothes are for fashion-minded stylish trendsetters, who emit confidence, self-esteem and are ready to rule the coasts of the world with their special and unique style. So what are you waiting for? Surf’s Up!

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