Hello there! I'm a 22-year-old female creature from a strange country called Finland. I've never really been into fashion, I just wear whatever feels right and sometimes other people are like woah what are you wearing. Not necessarily in a good way. Haha. Anyways, you get the picture. I spend most of my free time dancing (street dance, hip hop, street jazz, jazz, lyrical hip hop, you name it) and watching Youtube videos, and of course with my friends. My love for dance shows in my loves, but I like so many styles and things that that's not the only thing you see in there. I don't follow fashion trends on purpose, I wear whatever is comfortable and feels ME. I'm kinda against liking something just because it's by this or that brand, so I don't click "love" on things for that reason. Just so you know, haha. I tend to tell my friends that if I could dress exactly like I wanted to, I'd probably look like a peacock sometimes. Take a guess what I mean by that :D Sometimes I tend to act on an impulse; usually I like to dress in a simple, comfortable way with a splash of color, but sometimes I do something that is probably not expected from me (or then again, it could actually be expected from me but I don't realize it haha), for example at one point I had a light pink/soft rose colored hair just because I felt like it. And in case you're wondering, I'm not crazy or particularly greedy for attention, but sometimes I just like to shock people a little.

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