I'm Abigail. I know I seem emo-ish, but underneath I am just a regular teenage girl. I love to Skype my friends, and I think of Christmas as not only a time for presents, and joy, but a time for my family to come together. I love Magcon, and my favorite is Matthew Espinosa. I love music too much to describe. My favorite song would have to be "Boston" by Augustana. My second would have to be "Zoomin' Zoomin'" by Becky G. Third would "Jealous" by Nick Jonas. That gives you a taste in my music, and I like all music. I am pretty funny, and really crazy. I don't know how weird I am, but I am PRETTY weird. :P Soo, that's my life. Now, I'd like to know about yours. Tell me soon. :P -Abigail

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