Rikke Stächer Christensen


Hello! At first i would like to thank you for looking at my profile! <3 Next i can tell a little about myself... My name is Rikke and i'm almost 15 years old and from Denmark, so of course I speak danish. I don't really have a style icon, cause i makes my own style, but i looove fashion! My style is very mixed and hard to describe, it depends on my mood and the weather. The last year i grew 15 cm so I had to throw out a lot of my clothes, and because that I'm kind of poor for the time, my outfits do not vary much. But as soon as I get money, i'll start building up a great wardrobe whit much loooovely clothes <3 Biggest luxury-problem: My jeans size! I use 25/36.. It's almost impossible to find anywhere! Topshop has this special collection to tall girls, but it's a little expensive because of all the different sizes :/ What I'm most grateful for: That I'm born into this 1'st world, so that I have a warm and soft bed to sleep in and never is hungry when I go to sleep in it. Once again, thank you for reading this... And sorry if you think that it was waste of time <3

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