Cristina Gabriela


Get to know me as a person… Passionate about letters, intrerior design, books and medicine, great thinker, good friend, a shoulder to cry on, always with a smile on, great to have a chat with, creative handmade artist, life lover and the list can go on. YOU name it. BUT most of all, I love to put a smile on people’s faces and go round and tell the “story”. I am happy to be alive, I am happy I can breathe, walk, run, dance, sing, work out my body, feel free in this world! I AM A FREE SPIRIT! This is what I think: Marry a man who you can talk with,who you can communicate with, and you marry happiness.(No, that’s not a quotation from one of those “smart” books that teach you how to manage your relationship. That is my acceptation and those are my words.) Or don’t marry at all.

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