I'll admit it...Coco Greenwood is not my real name. It sounds pretty good though, right? The name is actually a combination of my childhood stuffed animal and the street I grew up on. I wanted to create a name that was meaningful and this seemed like the best way to approach it. Not only is the name significant but also completely unique to me. In my actual life I am a senior in high school. I have a blog called Red Canary Fly, invented before Coco Greenwood, when I wanted my name to have a more “superhero” feel. I’ve debated changing the name of my blog to Coco Greenwood as eel, but I have yet to make the decision. As far as health goes, I try to stick to a low-glycemic lifestyle. It’s similar to the pale diet, but not completely the same. I basically have to stick to this way of eating because of a hormone deficiency in my body, if I eat the wrong foods my body basically freaks out. I enjoy the low-glycemic lifestyle, however, because I can indulge once in a while. This way of eating essentially limits my sugar and carb intake. The only sugar I consume is natural (coming from fruit and not added in) and most of my carbs come from fruits and vegetables. It’s hard at times because other people my age can eat regular food without the consequences I would experience. I have to remind myself that the lifestyle I lead is healthy and will keep me on track to success both personally and in athletics. Once I remember this, I forget about wanting a cookie, and grab a drink of water and some fruit instead!

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