Hey. My name is Chandra Larsson. I’m a doe-eyed narcisstic misanthrope. Quick-thinking, restless, odd and charming. I am an aspiring photographer and tattoo artist from Sweden. I’m a pill-popping youth going through an investigation of my unknown personal disorder. I’m a straight-edge vegan with strong morals, though I look the other way when my borders are being crossed by myself. Hypocrite? Yes I know. I am a human-hating animal lover as they tend to like me more. Even though I’m on different sleeping pills every other week my difficulties with sleeping stands still so I’m usually up all night filling my head with inspirational quotes, pictures etc. I’m a liberal, animal-activist and more than once I’ve found myself shoving my opinions on religion down peoples throats as I’m an anti-theist. Currently a high school drop-out when me and my school didn’t cooperate anymore. My current occupation is blogging, photographing, illustrating and researching every psychological disorder in the book. Previously a junkie who lost the purpose of doing drugs. As I’m easily bored I am always on the look for something new to entertain myself with, even for just two minutes. Also obsessed with pressing on peoples buttons, even to get just a millisecond of a smile as I can’t seem to recall how happiness really feels like. I have now isolated myself as a form of protection to the people that care about me. Love

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