Yo! My name is Ivory Zii (simply known as Ivy) and I'm just so obsessed with Korean and Japanese culture. I'm currently attending an international school with Western curriculum so I guess I just have a better English skills than fellow peers from the same area. I am addicted to Fashion and Make Up. I just think Fashion fits well on everybody better than make-up.. Cause' I tried many times comparing Western and Asian Makeup.. like a Mac lipstick for $32.00 versus an Etude House lipstick for $8.. the result is that I fit onto Asian makeup more, i suppose.. maybe that's because I'm an Asian myself. I treated everyone with my inner feelings.. so that you will be thinking I might be fake or sth since being "fake" is like a new trend that people are kinda following... no, I am not that kinda girl to mess up with. I am proud to show my own creativity on style and fashion.. I'm also thinking to create a blog for a new world for myself and fellas! Cya!

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