Maria Jordan


Maria discovered her insatiable passion for fashion at an early age and it has increased over the years. Inspired by her talented grandmother who would use a loom to weave beautiful tailored garments for the whole family, Maria developed her knowledge for style rapidly. Over the years, Maria has travelled around the world exploring different cities and their culture and style. “Fashion to me is about being creative, unpredictable and stylish, whatever the occasion,” says Maria. Now a London based event planner, Maria is busy organising London fashion week events and project managing themed and industry events. Her career is ever progressing and her latest project sees her joining forces with her twin sister, Tatyana Jordan to create a fashion blog, from meeting with designers worldwide and covering latest fashion trends. Maria says, “Bright Lights – Fashion City is a yummy scoop of the fashion industry. We’ll be speaking with London based and International designers to reveal the inspiration behind their creations. The blog will also keep our readers up to date with the latest fashion news and current styles.” One thing is for sure, there’s no stopping these girls, so stay tuned.

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