Things that describe me and Things that I love: fashion, chocolate, classic couture, happiness, hopeless romantic, time eras, Audrey Hepburn, coffee, NYC, old movies, Eloise, ballet, Dior, mascara, french, pretty & fancy things, sweets, frank sinatra, flowers, disney,ponies, breakfast, classy, books, horoscopes, 50s, castles, pastels, ice skating, pink, vogue, , pink champagne, teen vogue, F. Scott Fitzgerald, donuts, glitter, ribbons, Jackie O, social networking, cake, cafes, Victorian era, weddings, snow, Marie Antoinette, dancing, puppy's, roses, writing, 20s, films, dresses, Christmas, masquerade, Tiffany & c.o., Chateau de Versailles, dapper men, perfume, aliens, 90s, travel, Marilyn Monroe, vintage, Macaroons, newspapers, 60s, s’mores, Jane Austen, the smell of rain, Paris, family, 80s, Breakfast at Tiffany's, the morning, Victoria's Secret, science fiction, dapper men, ponies, sparkles, books, Hermes, dreaming, chocolate, Walt Disney, 30s, clueless, , The Great Gatsby, holidays, 40s, romance, milkshakes,hardwood floors with brick walls, romanticism. Clothing: Classic, Parisian, Vintage, Light Pink, Feminine, Elegant, White, Black, Nudes, Pastels, Gray, Blush, Champagne, Pastels.

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