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I like to do Avant-Garde stuff.I love French.I love P!nk.I love Chocolate icecream.I love Jane Austen.I like 'extra-ordinary'.I like to write about uncommon stuff in common things.I like bowling.I love the word 'chic'.I like to watch old movies.The word 'retro' makes my heart go Thwack!!! sometimes!I don't do poetry because I suck at it.I am obsessed with 'so many things' and i love acting 'RETARDS'.My blog is gonna be about Style and funny Lameo stuff too.When it comes to writing I might write thousands of words in a day but when I don't write,I just don't write.If you don't get anything from me than probably I am DEAD or might be unaware that I just started a blog.I am an aspiring fashion consultant,because people on this planet do need a fashion Savior!I want to be a Neurosurgeon,btw-If it matters! :) And I'll post all my stuff here and alot of stuff I like which won't be made by me but people I look up to :) this blog is gonna 'Editorialize' things! :) My Blog Is

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