Adina Plastelina was created in 2003 by designers Adi and Sam Leder. The brand specializes in the design of sterling silver and gold jewelry combined with polymer clay, hand-crafted using the ancient technique of 'Millefiori', which means 'a thousand flowers' in Italian. The combination of noble metals and ancient craftsmanship with modern materials creates an innovative, exceptional design language, giving the jewelry creation a classic and refined look. An elegant daytime item and a royal adornment for glamorous evening wear. The jewelry incorporates a vibrant palette and carries a romantic, timeless grace unaffected by passing trends. The designs are inspired by the Art Nouveau style, with elements and imagery drawn from the world of botany and zoology. The colorful Millefiori patterns are designed after gemstones, crystals, plants, and a multitude of wonderful textures from nature.The brand's unique style has won international acclaim and is considered groundbreaking in the field of jewelry.

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