Cookie statement & Privacy policy

This policy describes why we collect information, what information is stored, and how we use it. is responsible for all stored information in accordance with Dutch law regarding information protection, in particular GDPR.   

Privacy policy

At Fashiolista we truly value your privacy. This is why we follow all legal regulations and requirements in regards to personal data. All personal data that is collected will be maintained in a secure way and will never be provided to third parties. We will use your information to deliver orders as fast and easy as possible and to inform you about interesting offers.

Fashiolista collects the following information:

• Name
• E-mail address
• Date of birth
• Contact details
• Payment information

Cookie statement

Fashiolista uses cookies and comparable techniques. By doing this we can offer our users an optimal user experience.

What are cookies and what are they for?

Cookies are small pieces of information that your browser saves to your computer to optimize your visit to our website. By doing this you don't have to log in every visit and we can maintain the auctions you have viewed and won.

We use cookies for:

• Collecting and analyzing statistics
• Optimize and secure the website
• Usage, maintenance, and targeting of advertisements
• The integration of social media

Delete cookies 

Cookies are saved to your computer and can be simply deleted at any given time. Doing this does means you will have to log in again on most websites as all stored information will be lost.

Data protection

We use several techniques to protect you information in the best way possible. Included measures are: alarm system, security camera's, locked storage and password protection to digital documents. Our site has an SSL certificate to secure all data communication.   

Last update: 17 May 2018.