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from Verona, Italy


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  • Vinny

    Hi Vica!
    Cute stuffs! Love your style dear! <3
    Come to my page if you like! :)

  • xjuullx

    Great style! <3
    I follow you, follow back? Xoxo

  • unisexist

    thanks for loving my finds, follow me for more! <33

  • virliano

    please follow my blog?
    comment and I'll follow u back! XOXO

  • marianacercamiguel

    Hello Vica
    If you like fashion, trends and style, take a look to IT GIRLS DONT CRY Official facebook page and like it to access all the blog posts and much more everyday:
    Feel free to comment in the facebook page or at the blog.
    If you like my style, follow me also here at fashiolista.

  • ChiaraHoijer

    hi doll!!!! i really love your style!!! I'm following you!!follow me if you like!<3

  • Vinny

    Dear Vica,
    Can i ask for your help again please? :(
    I didn't win on the last contest that i joined, and now i join the another one.

    As you know, please check this http://www.fashiolista.com/my_style/list/117460/

    If you like, you can help me by click the Like button.. :)

    Sorry if this comment so annoying (again) :(
    Thank you & have a nice day! :*

  • Alejjj

    oh! I really like your style!
    I follow you =) If you want follow me too
    XOXO From Spain n.n

  • PBTH

    GREAT list darling! I totally heart your style ;) Follow me if you want to !!

  • i_eat_glitter

    hi dear,
    I love yout style. feel free to check my choices and follow if you like. ♥

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