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  • OhDirtyMaggieMae
  • werule

    hey maruli

    i love your choices:) maybe you could check my blog sometime and follow it if u like it.. :) i will check yours out too. :D www.thisishowwerule.blogspot.com

    xx m

  • inesinmybag

    hi honey!
    thanks for loving my finds!
    Love : )

  • mariahelenavolpato
  • therealnaomio

    Hi maruli! Thank you for loving my find. Check out my Fashiolista profile for more similar finds. Stay Chic!

    p.s. followed

    For more on fashion:

  • Se_n_em
  • V209

    Hi Maruli!
    Thanks so much for loving my find! great list x

  • Fashion_Lab

    Hi maruli! Great list, check my latest finds, maybe you find something else to love!

    Why you don't visit my new blog? I just started to share my fashion inspirations but I'm sure you're going to like it.
    Wanna be updated? Follow me with BLOGLOVIN (button on the right side of the blog) ;)

    All the LOVE, Vera

  • NasiaG

    Thanks for loving my find..
    Take a look on my other "loves".. I'm sure you'll find some of them interesting..
    Follow me if you like them.. ;))

  • CostanzaSaglio

    Hi darling, I do love your style. I think we're similar. I've a travel/food/photography blog, if you liked have a look I'd be happy! Thanks!

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