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from Brazil


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  • AndyaraAmaral
  • Heidisara

    Hi! Thanks for loving my find! Maybe you would like to follow me? I would follow you back of course :)

  • Dinha
  • Graaazi

    Obrigada por amar meu achado! se quiser me seguir. sigo de volta!
    b eijos

  • rachelch20

    Oi Liina que bom que amou dos meus lovers .
    Rachel :) abraços...

  • shirleyribeirobr

    Ola Liina
    Obrigada por amar meus achados. De uma olhada em minhas listas, se gostar é só me seguir pra encontrar mais loves que você possa gostar também.

  • SofiT

    Hi! thanks for loving my find! I really like your style, check out mine and follow me if you like! xoxo from Italy

  • dabi

    thanks for <3!!!!!

  • taymecanencia

    Thanks for loving my finds...
    http://taymecanencia.wordpress.com/category/uncategorized/ //

  • CoolAge

    Hi Liina, thanks for loving my find. Why don't you check my latest finds? Sure you'll find something to love. Follow me if you like them. Stay Cool, Stay Confident! ♡